David is currently the lead innovator at UNYSUN INC.  Unysun is a small but growing tech startup based in Sacramento that aims to unite people based on shared interests in issues of social justice and enhance global "volunTIERism".  With more than 17 years the tech space, David has led several high-performing teams in startups, growth-stage and large enterprises.


He has learned a lot, through his experience, about how organizations can best leverage their human capital and he wants to share that with YOU!

David studies, writes about and speaks on social justice, equity and inclusion.  He specializes in issues related to masculinity and offers bold solutions for addressing generational fatherlessness.  


He lives by the personal mantra "Pave the Way, Bridge Gaps and Serve Others”—a motto that embodies the notions of leadership, relationship building, civic responsibility and ownership of one’s legacy.

            PAVE THE WAY


Creating a posiitive legacy for others, David is a living example of how resiliency, hard work, committment to excellence and passion come together.

            BRIDGE GAPS


A networker and relationship builder, Dr. Inniss seeks out areas of intersectionality to unite people, causes  and organizations.

            SERVE OTHERS


David is dedicated to the service of others.  His work as an author and researcher is focused on enhancing outcomes for others and helping them realize success on their terms.